Do you require additional sockets in your home or outside? Whether it’s to plug in an extra appliance in the kitchen or for your lawnmower outside, we’ll install the power for you. We can also install USB points into your home so you don’t need to hunt down your adapter plug every time!

Additionally, we can install or upgrade: fans and ventilation; smoke alarms; heating systems; and electric showers.

Consumer units

Does your fuse box look old and outdated? Even if you are unsure, be safe and get it checked. Fuse boxes (also known as a consumer unit) are extremely important to keep your electrics, and you, safe within your home! Remember, no fuse box means no power!


Have you been running an extension cable to your outbuilding for months? Is sunset stopping you from working in your shed at night, or do you just want to plug your radio in so you can relax in your summerhouse? Give your outbuilding a power supply! Whether it’s a garden shed, a garage, or a summerhouse ¬- we can connect it up to your homes electrics.